Life and Survival — Importance of Spending your Time Right

Primitive view of life

Normally, like other living things, you should be in a certain cycle such Usage of Basic Needs, Provision of Basic Needs, and Rest.

  • Usage of Basic Needs means having food, water, air, and shelter.
  • Provision of Basic Needs means ability to provide basic needs.
  • Rest means to replenish energy.

Believe it or not — this is where most of our lives take place. To give you an example, below is a chart on how I spend my week.

Usage of Basic Needs — 4% of my daily activity involves eating/drinking.

Provision of Basic Needs — 33% of my day from Monday to Friday in order to provide my basic needs by working as an employee.

Rest — 25% of my day from Working Days and 42% of weekends.

Around 62% to 79% of my time are in a certain cycle in order to live and survive.

Then why do I spend the 21% to 38% to other things if the 62% to 79% are already enough for me to survive?

This is what differ human beings from other living things. In the wild, it is just survival of the fittest, weak ones usually end up dying. While in human world bounded by laws and regulations, the competitions, opportunities, and privilege varies from one person to another.

How do I use my extra time?

It would always go back to your cycle. 4% to 17% of my time is being spent to school, Master’s Degree because this will create opportunities for me to provide more of my basic needs, improving myself academically will open opportunities for job offers with higher salary, projects with higher pay, and recommendations for promotions. I also spend 8% to 17% of my time in luxury, because this what motivates me to live that I enjoy being alive, and oblige me to do my best in work, again to provide my basic needs. It is as much as important of sleep that replenish your energy for another day physically, but psychologically doing things that you love will help you survive more.


Prioritize the things that contribute most to your survival, then use your extra time to improve yourself to become more competent. Eventually, you will be able to use your time to those you enjoy.

Filipino | Registered Electrical Engineer | Aspiring Data Scientist | Principal Engineer at National Transmission Corporation