Your start-up guide as a new manager

Paradigm Shift

Becoming a manager will make you cautious about how you look and act…


µ ± mσ where µ = mean/average; σ = standard deviation; and m = multiplier. (1, to get 68% of data; 2, to get 95% of data; 3, to get 99.7% of data)


The Empirical Rule or the 68–95–99.7 is only applicable…

One step in working smart

What is Power Transmission?

Power Transmission involves the bulk movement of electrical energy from generating plants to a network, usually a grid system, and then distributed to consumers.

Transmission Towers in the Philippines

The Company and Ownership

The Power Transmission Company has the important role of connecting the generating facilities with distribution utilities in delivering electricity where it is most needed. It also ensures that an adequate and reliable transmission system delivers quality electricity to consumers. It can be owned by a regulated private company or by a government-owned and controlled corporation

1. Lesser Time Consumption on Meetings

Meetings are those double-edged swords in the company which can be an asset or a liability. According to the published article last June 17, 2020, entitled, Minutes (Wasted) of Meeting: 50 Shocking Meeting…

Knowing the Past — Preparing the Future

The Ship

The Titanic is one of the most luxurious passenger steamship liner operated by White Star Line, and was thought to be the world’s fastest ship. As the largest movable manmade object in the world at that time, the proud sea captain, Edward John Smith, left an iconic message to the media, “Even God Himself couldn’t sink this ship.”

The Tragedy

Photo from the National Geographic Channel

The Survivors

From an…

First Experience in Tableau

What is Tableau?

Ways to Have Exclusive Functions of Tableau

Students may take advantage of the “Tableau for Students” using this link. By following the steps, you are given more than a year of exclusivity to…

…Turning Raw Data to Useful Information

  • Provision of Basic Needs means ability to provide basic needs.
  • Rest means to replenish energy.
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Filipino | Registered Electrical Engineer | Aspiring Data Scientist | Principal Engineer at National Transmission Corporation

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